About Marci

Why I Am Running

I have lived in Culver City since 1999 and have voted in nearly every single election since my eighteenth birthday. As a mother and a recipient of an excellent public education, I am appalled by the state of the Culver City schools—from the condition of our campuses to the issues of safety in the schools to the dropping of Honors English.

Who Am I?


The youngest of four children, I was raised out in the Central Valley where wide, open spaces made up my playground. In this environ, I had plenty of opportunity to test my limits and learn how to take care of myself. I came away with street smarts and the gumption to set and attain goals.

High School and College Years

In high school, great teachers and coaches challenged me to strive for excellence, and I thrived. I lettered in varsity swimming (four years), varsity water polo (co-ed—two years), performed in musicals and with the choir, won a trophy with the high school rifle team, was a member of multiple clubs (including French and MUN), won a few poetry contests, and graduated as one of the valedictorians of my high school.


That focus, independent thinking, and drive helped me in college to graduate with magna cum laude from the University of the Pacific’s Conservatory of Music with my BA in Music, emphasis on vocal performance. (aka opera)

me dianne stephanie.JPG

And Away I Go

After graduation, with just a backpack, I traveled alone through Europe for a few months before moving to Los Angeles to pursue singing and acting. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears later, I joined a group and toured as an opening act for the Coasters and the Drifters. The group split up after the tour, and I became a backup singer for Freddie Hart for his tour.

Activism and Education

Women’s history and women’s rights has always been a passion for me. In my twenties, I wrote and performed living history shows of historical women in schools all over California. In 1998, I earned a Master of Arts in Music, Vocal Performance from California State University, Fresno (summa cum laude). For my master’s recital, all the music I performed was composed by women—totaling a 500 year span.


During those years, I attended the NGO Women’s Conference in Beijing, China, as a delegate and an International Association of Women in Music conference where a review I wrote was published in their quarterly magazine.


A New Adventure and Home

In 1999, I once again moved south at which time I discovered Culver City. Instead of acting and singing, I found another calling (and met my future husband, Charlie Fritzius.) That September, I opened an online magazine called Wild Child Magazine. Within two years, the magazine was included in Writer’s Digest’s list of Top 100 Websites for Writers. In 2005, the magazine morphed into two, full, traditional publishing houses. From 2005 to 2016, we published over 400 high quality, entertaining fiction and non-fiction books. Our books won EPIC Ebook Awards, the Australian R*by, the Laurel Wreath Award, were nominated for the prestigious Bram Stoker Award, and were on USA Today’s bestsellers list.


In the midst of all that, I married Charlie and we had a child named Aurora, my greatest accomplishment.


Since the closing of my publishing houses, I continue to edit (fiction, non-fiction, and technical copyediting), write books, and pursue my other passion: swimming.